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There are five different GT models for sale; the GTS, the GT1, the GT2, the GT3, and the GT+. The GTS being the least sporty, and the GT+ the most, each one gets more and more expensive.
Range 550 miles
Top speed: 200mph
Seats: 4
Torque: 5,000nm
Price: £100,000
Acceleration: 2.8
Range: 560 miles
Top speed: 210mph
Seats: 4
Torque: 5,500nm
Price: £110,000
Acceleration: 2.7
Range: 570 miles
Top speed: 220mph
Seats: 4
Torque: 6,000nm
Price: £120,000
Acceleration: 2.6
Range: 580 miles
Top speed: 230mph
Seats: 4
Torque: 6,500nm
Price: £130,000
Acceleration: 2.5
Range: 600 miles
Top speed: 250mph
Seats: 3
Torque: 7,000nm
Price: £150,000
Acceleration: 2.3

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