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VoltX OKE1

VoltX Formula E car- based on the Tesla Roadster, Volkswagen IDR, and McLaren Speedtail...

It is road legal and starts £1m. It is the fastest road legal car in the world with an acceleration of 1.5 seconds. It has a 300 mile range but (As well as the option of charging it up) it collects electricity from wind power, solar power, and braking, so this means the battery won't run out in a long time and the car is lighter, therefore faster. It packs 1000bhp, and weighs 1000kg. Add that all up and it has a top speed of 300+mph (The exact speed is TBC). This car will change the electric industry with its ludicrous acceleration an its self charging battery. Most people think a car is just a tool to get you from A to B, but this is a car for the driver who cares about driving, not the driver who wants a affordable, practical car.


Acceleration: 1.7

Range: (Self-charging) 300 miles

Torque: £10,000nm

Top speed: 300+mph

Price: £1m

BHP: 1000


Acceleration: 1.6

Range: (self-charging) 300 miles

Torque: £11,000nm

Top speed: 320+mph

Price: £1.1m


VoltX OKE1: Products
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